I am a fervent scout since 2004. My scouting started with the local scout group in Schöftland (see here) as a leader for the older scouts (aged 10 to 16), and soon thereafter I changed to lead the group of cub scouts (aged 6 to 10). For two years, I also led a group of Pios (aged 14 to 16)  while continuing my activities with the cub scouts.

After the National Scouting Camp of Switzerland in 2008 (BuLa),  I joined the Pfadi Dunant, a local scout group in Winterthur (see here) where I helped to build up a group of Pios. I was involved in and/or headed the organization of several annual scouting camps during the summer and autumn holidays, local (Schöftle and Winterthur) scouting events, as well as educational scout courses (funded by J&S).

In 2013, I was the PR Head Leader for the regional scouting camp Kantonallager Aargau involved  in media coverage from daily newspaper articles in the Aargauer Zeitung to radio broadcasts. In summer 2016, I was responsible for the “travel office” and co-organized a range of activities for the regional scouting camp Regionallager Pfadi Winterthur, from group visits to the Verkehrsmuseum in Luzern, hiking trips in the surrounding area, 2-3 hour games in the forest to daily excursions to the outdoor swimming pools.

Since November 2016, I am co-president of the Pfadi Region Winterthur (